Dear DFL candidates, campaign managers, and supporters,

In the face of the 2016 elections, it's clear that pandering to intellectual laziness, and a post-factual approach to information can be effective. We are better than that. Please, let's not reduce ourselves to the snorts and grunts that worked so well there.

Even with concerted effort, it's very difficult for the average person to gain a complete accurate understanding of each of the issues.

I may be wrong, but personally I have long been put off by both the content and the form of most campaign messaging. I've observed the same in others. Content is oversimplified, and more political than it needs to be. Media (Form: phone calls, door knocks, fliers, and ads) bore and offend me. I would love to see a growing portion of campaign messaging (and communication BETWEEN campaign seasons) become more academic/educational/factual/evidentiary, the antidote to cherry picked, spun, propaganda.

Through volunteers, or commercial services the DFL at a national or state level, should develop some of these tools. Once created, these materials could easily be delivered to voters, tailored to their interests and issues. Some excellent tools exist already and could be shared more widely.

Teachers have already had to figure out how to do that. They have a plethora of great media:


I was not able to find many examples to illustrate this idea. So instead, below are links to examples of form and examples of content.

The Form link below leads to examples of great media to communicate information. Thanks for taking a minute to look through this.

The Content link below lists information sources that seem to hold to the kind of reliable information needed on various issues. Please do help vet and add to the list. I will too.

I am eager to hear ANY feedback. moirawalsh@tulanealumni.net

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